Breca Group

Breca is a business conglomerate that began in Peru and has more than a hundred years of existence. Its founders Don Fortunato Brescia Tassano, of Italian origin, and his wife Mrs. María Catalina Cafferata formed a family that had four children and stood out for their vocation for work, savings and affection for Peru, which were transmitted to their descendants, making of this an example of life. This is how the surnames Brescia and Cafferata give rise to the name Breca, which reflects the pride and memory of its founders.

Beginning in the 1950s, brothers Pedro and Mario Brescia Cafferata took over their parents and, with the constant support of their sisters, continued to develop family businesses. And, to a large extent, the Groups achievements are due to the family unit and the permanent search for consensus in decision-making. Discipline that has become a cornerstone for the construction of corporate culture.

Currently, the management of Breca is in charge of its Board of Directors, which is composed of its Co-Presidents Alex Fort Brescia and Pedro Brescia Moreyra, as well as Rosa and Ana María Brescia Cafferata, and Fortunato and Mario Brescia Moreyra. The general management is in charge of Jaime Araoz Medanic.